Q? What does “In association with Amazon” mean?

A. Genius Mouse utilize Amazon for fulfillment and shipping of all the products. You get the benefit of Amazon’s rock-solid shipping, secure payment processing, and first class customer service and order tracking. This allows us to concentrate on bringing you the best products.

Q? What happens when I checkout?

A. Once you’ve selected your products and click on “Checkout”, you will be taken to Amazon to complete your order. All your items will be transferred over, and you will be given a button to add all your items to your Amazon basket to checkout. You can select your shipping methods, including any items that might be eligible for Amazon Prime shipping. Your payment details remain secure on Amazon’s site, and your can track your order status at any time.

Q? Do you ship Internationally?

A. While Amazon can ship internationally for some items, it can sometimes be more expensive than shopping with another local Amazon site in your country. Unfortunately, many of our products are not available through the local Amazon sites in other countries. Shipping is available for all products, but international shipping may not be available.

Q? I have a problem with my order, where do I get help?

A. With Amazon providing shipping & fulfillment, you simply need to contact Amazon for any problems relating to your order. Simply login to your Amazon account and go to their Help Section. You’ll find all the resources for dealing with any problems relating to your order or shipment.